Lucifer’s pen

   This is by far the “darkest” illustration I’ve ever done. It is the cover illo for an e-book that is ficticiously written by Satan. A similar technique employed by C.S. Lewis in the Screwtape Letters.

  The subject of the book is a set of instructions on how to destroy a church. It is written by a friend of mine by the name of  Shammah Pavao. The link is .

 This e-book is a very insightful look at what brings down a church.( Oh, and by the way it is a church as defined by what is portrayed in the New Testament. Not by what is seen many places in 21st century America; where money, self-help books, and right wing politics speak for God.) The book explains very clearly the war being waged against the disciples of Jesus Christ, and why many earnest christian churches loose the fight against the darkness that is so prevailent in this age. It is backed up by the events of nearly 2000 years of church history and a must read for church history buffs and those who ask ” Whats wrong with the church today?”  I hope you check it out.



  1. kseverny · January 27, 2010

    its excellent.
    Lucifer is lurking in the shadows and the pen takes centre stage.
    nicely done

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