Guess what…..?

   The great thing about following Christ and learning to hear God is that there is always room to back up. I”ve learned over the course of time that when you hit a dry spot the best thing to do is stop and take stock of where things are going. Personally, the Samson piece is becoming laborious and fraught with tedium. So, for the time being that project is on hold. In this paricular line of creativity, if it ain’t fun don’t do it. When the excitement wears off or just plain isn’t there you have to change direction.

  Moreover, I want this blog to be directed by the spirit of God. The painting of Samson has all the ear marks of being grunted out. I’ve learned over the years that if God isn’t on the page you’re on stop. Going through this art lesson on line feels “dry”. None of this is a waste of time though, following God or working to find his heart never is. But, when He says its time for a change of direction, it is. You just feel it. The life has gone out of the endevour. It has with this one. Following Christ is to be exciting and full of life. Painting this illustration of Samson isn’t, or at least not like it was. Honestly, it never was all that exciting. I think I was just gointhrough the motions. It took 9 years to get David and Goliath from the sketch book to the canvas. So much of what we do for or because of God is about timing. So, lets just say it isn’t time to do this painting. It may or may never be. Who knows? But if God wants it done it will happen. Eventually.

  Anyway, I’m going to change direction. I’ve got a show/demonstration to do next weekend, which will be the 20th of March. I’ve got something in mind for it which I’ll start soon. Stay tuned I think you’ll like what you see. Meanwhile, here is a painting for you to enjoy! Oh yeah, in case you didn’t notice I pulled all the sketches etc. of Samson off this site. It seemed the thing to do.

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  1. kseverny · March 13, 2010

    this is excellent.
    nice one

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