“Let there be light……..” (in the begining)

    Last weekend I began work on this illustration. Today, I fiddled with it a little more. It is approximately 14″x18″. The medium is acrylic on heavy weight illustration board. I’ll probably add colored pencil and airbrush to get the effects I want.

   I’d like to start by thanking Rachel Schepp for encouraging me to do work of this sort. By that I mean, an illustration with a scripture verse attached. Sorry, its taken so long to get around to this Rachel.

   The point of this is, as I wrote in my last blog, to shed some light (no pun intended) on some passages of scripture that illudes to, but doesn’t strictly pertain to the creation of the earth. The first few verses of the book of Genesis really do seem out of order if you consider the current theories of how life evolved on this planet. And yes, I do believe in evolution. But that isn’t the topic of discussion here. What I do want to discuss, however, is being described in these first few verses. There is a lingering thought in my mind that I would like to try and articulate.

   At the dinner table a couple of nights ago we were reading from the book of John. The narrative in that book begins something like this: In the begining was the Word. The greek word for “word” is logos. The root of our english word logic. There once was an early third century apologist by the name of  Tertullian.( By the way if your not familiar with the term “apologist”, I’ll attempt to define it for you. Basically, they were men who took it upon themselves to explain to the rulers, governors, and emperors of roughly the 1st through the 3rd centuries why their punishment and/or persecution of the early christians was unjust. Many times they are the best resource outside of the scriptures for information on what the early church believed and practiced.) Anyway, Tertullian was for the most part, the last of these. He was, however, a very learned man. He was fluent in Greek, though he was from north Africa, and even though it was probably not his native language; he understood it and spoke it very well. He was a lawyer by profession, and no matter what you may think of lawyers, the are generally pretty good at expressing themselves. Tertullian was extremely articulate.

   Tertullian’s description of the word logos is a very interesting one. He likened it to the voice of ones own thoughts. Awesome description of the Word of God, Jesus Christ, don’t you think. Now, back to the book of Genesis: The Spirit of the Lord God is “brooding” over the face of the deep. He’s thinking,he’s thinking very deeply, and quite literally his thoughts  took form.” Let there be light”, is just one of of His incredible thoughts.



  1. kseverny · March 26, 2010

    this looks truly amazing

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