Malachi 4:1-3……..(Join the Dance)

Then shall the virgins rejoice in the dance, both old men and young men together…” Jeremiah 31:13&14

   There is a dance going on. A wedding dance. It is the dance of the Bridegroom (Christ) and the Bride (the Church). No, not that boring old building on the corner. The living, breathing Body of Christ; like the one here in Rose Creek Village. A place where the Bridegroom and the Bride dance together every day. Every day we practice keeping in step with the Bridegroom. Listening to the music of His heart and the melodies of Heaven. Does that sound strange to you? If it doesn’t, then that is probably because you’ve already heard the song to one extent or another or you’ve been practicing the dance steps and are becoming familiar with them.

  The call is going forth to come to the wedding and to join in the dance. Does your heart long to dance with the Bridegroom? To be swept off your feet and to fall madly in love with Him? The Christ in the heavenlies (Jesus) and the Christ in the earth (the Church) move in concert with one another; listening to the melody that issues forth from God’s heart.

   This is a dance that only disciples of Jesus Christ may do. Its not for the faint hearted or the doubleminded. It is a dance that those who have given up everything to be with the  Bridegroom may do. It is a dance of joy, gladness, and thanksgiving for the life that He has given to those who are laying down they’re lives to follow Him. Do you still want to learn the dance? Its a difficult one at best because you can’t dance this dance by yourself. You have to dance this dance with others who have abandoned everything to dance with the Bridegroom. Just as a bride leaves her fathers house, and all her old life to be joined to her husband: so to must all who wish to dance with the Bridegroom. Its a life long commitment just like getting married. All that the Bridegroom has He freely gives to his Bride. However, there is a cost. The Bride must freely give all she has to the Bridegroom. It is a life for a life.

Once that is done and the vows have been exchanged the dance begins…..

   The work of staying in step is now all that can be done. You have to listen to the tune and sometimes its not all that easy to hear. But one thing is for sure, if you’re listening to the wrong tune you will know because you’ll be out of step with all of the other dancers. It won’t be hard to tell; you’ll be bumping into everyone else in the dance, and always going in the wrong direction. You will always feel out of place and apart from all the other dancers. You’ll be alone because you are dancing alone. How can this be? I am part of a group. Well, let me show you…..

   The whole world dances alone. Even those who are part of a group. The individual inhabitants of planet earth all dance alone; each to his own tune. Whatever tune you want to dance to, is your tune. But its not really your tune, its Satan”s tune. He just tells you its your tune, or leads you to believe its your tune. How do you tell if its his tune? You’re alone. You feel very lonely even in a crowd of other dancers. You thought you were dancing with the Bridegroom, yet you can’t see Him or feel His nearness. Worse yet the tune you listen to has no real melody, or harmony, and you feel irritated with the other dancers. Everyone you come into contact with is oblivious to you. You are doing the dance of Hell not the dance of Heaven. They may look similar but they aren’t…..and the only way to tell the difference is the feeling of lonliness. The dance of Hell is a lonely dance. To make matters worse you can be at the wedding, and be dancing, yet be alone.

   The ones who are dancing with the Bridegroom are happy, contented, and feel very loved. Have you watched the bride at a wedding dancing with her husband? Thats how you should feel dancing with Him. Thats how you should feel dancing with others who are dancing with him. Not only that but you should also feel the pleasure of the Bridegroom as He daily tells you of his great love for you. You feel it deep in your heart and see it on the faces of those that are dancing with Him also.

   You’ll have to stay alert and be on your toes; because He changes direction frequently and if you’re not careful you may get out of step and have to find your way back. So, if you don’t like change, and you would rather listen to the same old ho-hum song, then hit “x”. Forget you ever saw this blog, at least till you stand before Him, and He reminds you that you did get an invitation to dance at His wedding.

 Now if this sounds exciting and wonderful to you…..

Get your wedding garments on….

and come join the dance!

(What are you waiting for? This is your invitation!)


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