“Let there be light….” (the story continues)

“If we walk in the light as he is in the light…” 1John 1:7

 The bible is a book of riddles. Anyone that studies it for any length of time will eventually see this. That is if they read what it is really saying, not what they want it to say, or what they’ve been told it says.

It is a spiritual book, (or collection of books) written by spiritual people, for the edification and instruction of spiritual people. Religious people have a really hard time with it, or more accurately, give other people a hard time with it. How many times have you heard religious people say: “The bible says…” . That always irritates me because they are using it as a means to an end. I’ve heard it said, “It don’t say nothin’ you gotta look at it!” more appropriately, you have to feel it. You have to look at it with your heart, not examine it with your mind, because it defies logic. It is a book that is revealed.

 Christ called His disciples His friends. (John15: 13-15) The reason he said that is because He was revealing to them everything He was doing. He said that a master doesn’t explain to his servants what he is doing, but a man will discuss his business with his friends. Like wise God, who is just like his son,(John 14:8-10) discusses His affairs with His friends. You have to be a friend of God to understand His book. Which, by the way, is a record of His thoughts and feelings on a variety of issues. However, if He doesn’t know you, there is no way He will reveal anything to you about what and or why He does what he does. Why else do you think He would say,”Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I don’t know you.”(Matthew 7:23) Without revelation from God, a worker of iniquity is the best one can do. Iniquity simply means lawless. A better way perhaps would be to say, disobediant bondservant or runaway slave. Does that sound too harsh to you? Consider this, once again :

“Not everyone who says to me “Lord,Lord…” will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, Only those who do the will of my Father, who is in Heaven will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 7:21)  How can you know what His will is if you don’t know Him, and more importantly, if He doesn’t know you? Are you a friend or just a runaway slave?


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