The most powerful force in creation….

LOVE. This picture to me is one that speaks a thousand words. It is Chasah Wilcutts (now Copenhaver) dancing at her wedding with her Dad John. There is a long story behind their relationship. Which to say the least has been very painful at times for both of  them. It was one of emotional upheaval and varying degrees of estrangement. But I had the honor (as did many others who were at this wedding) of watching God wash all that away in a single dance. See, didn’t I tell you all those who join in the dance with the Lamb of God get to experiance truly magical moments?

Stay tuned as we explore the wonderous workings of the King of the Hidden Realms. Especially the rather intimate moments that He used to reveal His love for Brian and Chasah Copenhaver at their wedding. All or most of the pictures you’ll be viewing over the next few posts have been digitally altered to (hopfully) produce this writers sense of Christ’s devotion to His bride. Not mention the Bride’s joy at being pocessed by her beloved.

I tried to do the best I could to edit out the ordinary and extraneous visual distractions that compete for our attention, that we might not miss the beauty of that which is the extraordinary occurences of the Hidden Realm.


  1. Faith · December 28, 2010

    Anyone who was there & familiar with their story was in awe of Christ & His abundance of mercy & love. Whatever tangles we have he can undo & make right if Love (in person) is given a chance. What an amazing eternal moment

  2. jeremiahbriggs · December 28, 2010

    It’s one of my personal favorites

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