Bran Mak Morn… the frame.

   No painting is complete without a frame so here it is. Or, you can come to my house and see it up close and personal. This was an old frame I had laying around. So, it seems we have a frame that was made for this work.


  1. Steven Shapiro · February 3, 2011

    I don’t know why but the frame makes it seem even more awesome. Maybe it is because the frame stops our eyes, whereas a painting without a frame almost makes us expect more.

    • jeremiahbriggs · February 4, 2011

      I had a professor that said, “Presentation is everything. You can have a nice piece of art that is presented poorly and it will seriously detract from the work itself.”

  2. abba · February 3, 2011

    Nice ….very nice.

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