So, you want to be a Jedi?

      There is just something about the battle between good and evil that excites everyone. The story of Luke Skywalker is one of my personal favorites. He’s just a young man with big dreams that is drawn the struggle between good and evil by a desire for adventure. Little does he know that the fate of the galaxy is about to be dumped in his lap. His wishful thinking will pull down an evil ruler, reconcile his misguided father, and earn him a name in history.

     I put the cowboy on hold for a little bit to take a detour. I’ll still do him but, the background is not working for me. So, I’ll wait and do this instead. Besides there is a bit of revelation that goes with it. This will also give another painting lesson at the same time. The first three Star Wars movies have always been my favorites. Especially the first one. It always had that Saturday afternoon matinee feel and Flash Gordon appeal. The others never did. Anyway back to my main point.

     Many of us who follow Christ have had these very same dreams. We want to battle evil, over come our own limitations, and become a hero. The truth is many have given up hope of ever doing anything extra-ordinary or have been seduced by the Dark Side in the attempt. We get bogged down in living an ordinary life like Luke’s Uncle Owen or we are deceived into making grab for power and control over our circumstances like Anakin Skywalker, Luke’s father. Luke went on the adventure of a lifetime while daydreaming of an exciting life and chasing runaway robots that he hated taking care of. Sound familiar? Did you know that God is in those daydreams? He’s also in the stupid robots too.

     There are lots of days of working the farm for a grumpy and overly practical Uncle. There are mind numbing times of chasing runaway robots that drive you crazy. But, there is a Force in the Galaxy that has predestined you for greatness. It has given you the ability to be a phenominal star pilot and influence the thoughts of others with a wave of your hand. You only need believe that you aren’t just a farmboy fixing evaporators on a moisture condenser. You have a power inside you to set others free and change the course of the galaxy. So, you want to be a Jedi? You have the power.



  1. Steven Shapiro · February 5, 2011

    This made my day/rest of the week!

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