Use the Force…

     I thought I would use something that happened in my life as an example of what I was talking about in my last post. My wife told this story in our meeting on Sunday and quite frankly I had no idea that I had done on Saturday evening what I had blogged about on Saturday afternoon. That is until my wife Dossie told the story to eveyone in the room and then she said that she thought I was a Jedi.

     We were eating dinner in a restaurant and we happened to notice a little boy eating dinner with his Dad. The dad seemed preoccupied with his own thoughts while the little boy played happily with his food. He talked to himself and munched on what appeared to be chicken strips. There was little or no interaction between the two of them; which my wife picked up on right away and commented about it to me. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the little boy would look at me from time to time. I made a face at him about the third or fourth time he looked at me. He quickly ducked behind his Dad’s arm and then peek out at me. I made more faces and he would pretend to hide until finally his Dad noticed something was going on. When his dad looked to see what was going on I addressed the little boy:

 “Are you out to dinner with your Daddy?”. His dad smiled. “That’s lots of fun isn’t it?” I said to the boy. He hid his face again. His Dad looked at him and smiled again. “It’s really cool hanging out with your Dad isn’t it?” His Dad started to tickle him and the began giggling. Soon they were playing around and laughing. We finished our meal and left the restaurant. I told my wife it looked like a visitation weekend and the dad seemed depressed. It was probably hard for him and he didn’t know how to take it. My wife remarked that the world is a messed up place for children to grow up in. I felt really blessed that I didn’t have to do visits with my children. I also felt really blessed that I could help that boy and his father have a better time together.

     It is very important that we notice other people and what is going on with them, especially children. Because I spend a fair amount of time in the classroom I get to interact with kids alot. This has helped me to not feel self-conscious when addressing kids in public. I know many parents are not comfortable letting their kids talk to strangers. So, I’m careful to watch their faces to see their reaction. But the important thing is that I know kids need to feel seen and to feel special. God has given me a heart for kids. Which is a miracle in itself. I never used to like kids. I was like W.C. Fields, “Go away kid, you bother me.” So, the good news is that Christ can change hearts and lives. He changes his followers hearts and the hearts of those that they come into contact with.

      Besides every kid needs to meet at least one Jedi, right?



  1. abba · February 9, 2011

    Great post Obi-Wan. Got to keep those boys from turning into more Darth Vaders. We could use a few more Lukes around and less Jabba the Huts.
    Loved it …Chewbacca

  2. Steven Shapiro · February 9, 2011

    This being the case I feel like a Padawan(lol).
    I relate to Luke Skywalker in that, sometimes I feel like the Lord puts on my head a helmet where I can’t see and have to depend on Him to block the lasers.Not only that, but also sometimes in life its like you are alone in your X-wing without a targeting computer having to use the force to take on something you could never defeat alone. The finished painting turned out beautiful with the colors matching the Star-Wars feel!

    • Jeremiah · February 9, 2011

      The line Obi-Wan used was, “Don’t trust your eyes, streach out with your feelings”. In alot of ways following Christ is like that; Christ did not judge by what his eyes saw or his ears heard.You’re not alone, God is with you, and He will direct you to “Yodas” who can help you. Learn to trust whats in your heart it’s where He’ll speak to you. Walk by faith, follow the peace, trust God to lead you. BTW, the painting isn’t done yet. I’m about half way through it i guess.

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