The Dark Side….

     Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to suffering….. this is the path to the dark side. Fear that our dreams and goals will never come true. Anger with others that we perceive to be in our way or opposition to our desires. Then there is hatred. I hate this, I hate that. All this fuels our dissatisfaction and robs us of joy. We then begin to inflict suffering on others and ourselves. We are being seduced by the Dark Side. It is the way of evil, it is the way of selfishness. It is the way that Satan uses to trick us into trying to take a short cut to gain power that would otherwise be gained by faith. He arouses our suspicion of others. He goads us into being jealouse of our brother or sister. It is then that our desire for things and noteriety overshadows our desire for God and a living breathing relationship with him. Power and control of our destiny replace holiness and self-sacrifice. 

     Christ overcame evil with good. Even to death on the cross. We should realize that real power comes when we lose our lives. We lose power when we try to preserve our life and our dignity. We lose power when we covet that which belongs to God…glory. May he give us the grace to resist evil. “If you strike me down Darth, I shall only become more powerful that you can possibly imagine.” May we all attain this power, so that when the prince of this age comes to sedduce us he will find nothing in us to grab hold of.


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