In the Beginning was the Logos….

     The art is done and the book is on its way. The art was by far the last hurdle and soon printed copies of the book will be available. The ebook is already out but, if you are like me then having that wonderful smelling paperback book to have and to hold is the only way to go. I certainly hope they never stop making them.

     Enough about my sorrows over the demise of printed books. What this blog is about is why you should read this book. History, whether its Christian or secular, is a very good teacher. In fact, those who don’t learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the  mistakes that their ancestors made. Many folks find history lessons really boring.This is  mostly due to history lessons being centered around dates and names and the memorization thereof:  Columbus, 1492 Geo. Washington, 1776, Nixon, 1972 etc, etc. What can and does make history interesting is the people and the issues; why they thought and did what they did. If you can get into their shoes and walk around then history takes on a whole new perspective. In the Beginning was the Logos (Gr. Word, as in the Word of God) The Council of Nicea for Everyman by Paul Pavao is just such a book. Paul (known to his friends as Shammah) is not only an accomplished church historian but a great storyteller as well. In my mind, to be a historian means that you love stories and that you are good at telling them as well. Even if you’ve never been interested in Church history before, this book will whet your appetite. For more info on purchasing copies go to



  1. Paul Pavao · April 18, 2011

    Thanks, Jeremiah. And the cover art’s great, too!

    Your love for history helped inspire the book!

  2. · April 5, 2013

    It seems u fully understand quite a lot with regards
    to this specific subject and that exhibits via this posting,
    given the name “In the Beginning was the Logos. | jeremiah briggs art
    & illustration”. Regards ,Josefina

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